Roman Gritsenko was summoned to battle Timur Batrutdinova

Роман Гриценко вызвал на бой Тимура Батрутдинова
Over the last few months the party home electroni country Roman Gritsenko trying to win the sympathy of leading Olga Buzova.

Роман Гриценко вызвал на бой Тимура Батрутдинова

Some time ago, Olga was vacationing in Thailand and spent a lot of time in the company of Timur Batrutdinova. Recently Roman had recorded a video which called to fight Batrutdinova.

Роман Гриценко вызвал на бой Тимура Батрутдинова

“I don’t believe in romance between them. I think that is PR and nothing more. After all, people are friends for 13 years, and then they suddenly broke out a little… – said the young man. I don’t believe in it. But I hate a lot. I was sitting here, waiting for Olya, wrote her songs, and she was blissed out and Batrutdinova in Thailand. Batrutdinov, this is my woman. I challenge you to a battle, just you and me. Twelve rounds of fisticuffs. If you’re a man you will accept this challenge. I said.”

Recall that recently became aware of the numerous infidelities of the Novel, but he still hopes to win the heart of Buzova.

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