Роман Гриценко подрался с участником «ДОМа-2» из-за Бузовой Roman Gritsenko for several months trying to win the heart of Olga Buzova. On the set of new show “House-2” party got into an altercation with another hero of the project – Artem Soroka, who not only insulted the presenter, but allowed himself to kill Gritsenko. Could not stand the rudeness, the novel attacked Artem with his fists.
Роман Гриценко подрался с участником «ДОМа-2» из-за Бузовой

Today, the TV channel TNT kicks off a new evening show “against Borodina Buzova” in which the two television stars will be kicked out of the reality show heroes. Xenia will have to nominate on the flight two pairs of telestroke, and Olga Buzova – four singles. The rest of the presenters will be watching in the next room.

Ksenia Borodina relations with Buzova: “Our opposition to contrived.”

“The new show we with Olga, indeed, will defend their point of view, and emotionally! We decided to treat our viewers who dream to pit us against each other”, – said the “StarHit” Ksenia Borodina.

Really butting heads in the first issue of the show not only Buzova and Borodin, but by the participants themselves. So, Roman Gritsenko snatched with fists on Artem Soroka. The reason for the brawl was the rudeness of the latter during its dialogue with Olga.

“You, the consumer, a cynic and a provocateur,” said Buzova magpie.

– Where’s your girlfriend?

– Where’s your boyfriend?

– I’m leading! Don’t compare me and yourself.

– You’re single!”

Роман Гриценко подрался с участником «ДОМа-2» из-за Бузовой

To intervene in the conversation decided Roman Gritsenko, who is also accused PR. For several month a young man courting Olga Buzova, however, seem so confused in my own feelings that allows himself had an affair with Elena Graminei, Irina Pinchuk.

“At the moment I don’t take care of Olga Buzova. I’m not hiding. About the sincerity, ask the children,” – said Gritsenko.
Роман Гриценко подрался с участником «ДОМа-2» из-за Бузовой

During the explanation, Gritsenko Forty decided to come up that finally riled the Novel. Not holding back emotions, he jumped up from his seat and pounced on Artem with his fists. To separate the participants in reality had time came to the rescue protection.

We will remind, recently Hrytsenko announced the breakup with Irina Pinchuk party realized that still feels to Olga Buzova. Despite the fact that the presenter no doubt pleased to receive the attentions of a Novel, the last time she was deeply immersed in shooting the new show “Married Buzova”, which for her heart to be overcome the most wealthy men in Russia.

“Marry Buzova”: the names of the oligarchs who took part in the show