Roman Budnikov is preparing a retaliatory strike the girl, who accused him of rape

Роман Будников готовит ответный удар девушке, обвинившей его в изнасиловании The presenter submits a claim to the court. Last week it became known that the girl accused the Roman Budnikova that he allegedly encroached on her honor. The man consulted with lawyers and decided not to leave a serious allegation with impunity and to restore justice through the courts.

Last week appeared information about that leading programs “Fazenda” and “Good morning” Roman Budnikov present a serious accusation. Muscovite Anastasia said that the man allegedly raped her. The girl’s version, she came to his home to do massage, but in the end he beat her up.

The presenter was shocked by such a statement of the stranger and hurried excuse. According to him, this story has nothing to do with reality. Moreover, Budnikov now intends to sue the girl who is trying to tarnish his reputation. Channel one presenter Roman Budnikov responded to rape charges

“I consulted with the lawyers, talked to the police. We decided that we couldn’t leave this situation and to put an end to this matter once and for all. Of course, the final verdict will be issued in a few months when there will be a hearing,” admitted Budnikov in conversation with “StarHit”.

Novel unfortunate that he’s facing a serious charge that could affect his name. Moreover, last year the police refused to take her statement and to initiate criminal proceedings for lack of evidence of a crime. Nevertheless the girl has not calmed down and, according to Budnikova, continued to write him text messages and blackmail by phone. After Anastasia became actively provide comments in the press, the man decided to investigate the matter through the courts.

“All this causes me discomfort. Now we are talking about my reputation, is that people need to answer. I don’t know what sum will demand as compensation for moral damage, the main thing – to restore my name. All these details will be understood as training,” – said the “StarHit” the leader of the program “Fazenda”.

Now 44-year-old channel one presenter admitted that he is ready to give all the readings and even to be tested on a lie detector to prove his innocence. He believes that such allegations should not go unpunished, and therefore intends to spend time and effort to repair the injustice.