Роман Абрамович сводил маленького сына в элитный гольф-клуб The owner showed grown-up Aaron. Roman Abramovich was published together with the charming heir. The event, which was held in the Moscow region, was also attended by Alexander Child, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Anna chipovskaya, Igor Vernik and many others.

Last weekend in the elite suburban Golf club hosted a Grand celebration on the occasion of three important occasions – the start of summer activities, the season of intellectual “Club 418” and creative evening of theater Director Konstantin Bogomolov. To mark these event gathered many famous people, including Julia Peresild, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Pavel Tabakov, Igor Vernik, Alexandra Baby, Anna chipovskaya, Hope Obolentseva, Roman Abramovich and many others.

The evening of the day left a storm of emotions among the visitors of the event. “It was unforgettable”, “Cool”, “Wonderful and witty”, “Beautifully”, “an Incredible emotion,” wrote social media users. Everyone’s attention was drawn not only to the pregnant actress Alexandra Child, which was published in the spacious outfit of a cut, but to Roman Abramovich, who appeared with her adorable seven-year-old son Aaron. According to many, the boy is the charm. He happily posed for photographers and met with others.

Photos from the evening appeared in social networks. Many members of celebrities could not resist the rave reviews about little Aaron. “What luscious locks, the boy wonder”, “Beautiful”, “wow” – they wrote on the Internet.

We add that the son of Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova was born in December 2009. Aaron was the first child of the couple. Part of the boy’s name was given to him in honor of his father, Daria Alexander Zhukov. Birth choice of the businessman took place in a clinic in Los Angeles, where patients at different times were Madonna, Milla Jovovich and Britney Spears. According to journalists, the billionaire was personally present during the long-awaited event.

In 2013, Daria gave the Novel a charming girl called Leah. Pretty baby was born in Roosevelt hospital in new York. Last year for the first time lovers came out along with the heir, it happened at the opening of the season at the Moscow Museum of modern art “Garage”. Many guests found that Leia is a copy of her famous mother.

We will remind that Roman Abramovich is also a father of five children – two sons and three daughters. They were born in wedlock entrepreneur Irina Malandina. The couple divorced in March 2007.