Roman Abramovich has attributed to the passion Hope of Obolentseva

Роману Абрамовичу приписали увлечение Надеждой Оболенцевой According to unconfirmed reports, the tycoon takes care of it-girl. Rumor has it that Hope Obolentseva may move to a new lover, which recently announced the breakup with Daria Zhukova. Roman Abramovich has not yet commented on the speculation of the public.

Yesterday, Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova announced the breakup. The couple, who are parents of two children, decided to break up friends and be partners in the projects they “started and developed”. The news that one of the richest people of Russia became a free man, made a bombshell. Internet users wondered what kind of girl will choose Abramovic. Called and specific names of the possible choice of the businessman.

But apparently, the businessman already has signs of attention to another woman. If you believe the information that was available to the journalists, Roman Abramovich spends a lot of time it-girl and founder of intelligent society “Club 418” the Hope of Obolentseva. Most recently, she went with the oligarch Airat Isakov is a free woman. According to rumors, that socialite can take out the main cabin of the yacht Eclipse.

However, the official denial or confirmation of data received publicity in the Network, has not yet appeared. Fan Abramovich can only guess about his possible involvement Obolentseva.

Friends of the Novel and Hopes also prefer to refrain from any explanations about the situation. Lawyer Alexander Karabanov, commented to journalists sensational news about the divorce of Abramovich and Zhukova, said that he believes that they are very Mature and self-sufficient people. According to a lawyer familiar with the family of the oligarch, in all respects sooner or later a crisis occurs.

In turn, a source close to the former wife of the oligarch Irina told representatives of the Western media, he lives with his wife in the New year. According to the insider, Zhukova and Abramovich for several months discussed the details of the breakup.

We will remind that Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova raising a seven year old Aaron and three-year old daughter Leah. The couple lived together for ten years. In his statement, the pair said that it was extremely difficult to leave.

“We intend to work together to raise our two children. And to continue to work together as co-founders of Museum of modern art “Garage” in Moscow and the cultural center “New Holland” in St. Petersburg”, — said in the appeal of the pair.

In fact, the alleged new girlfriend of Roman Abramovich is not one of those who often shares details of his personal life with the public. That in marriage the hopes and Obolentseva Ayrat Iskhakov, not everything went smoothly, it became known from the media. Now, when socialite divorced, she can accept the advances of Roman Abramovich, according to