Romain Dorian for the first time commented on the divorce

Ромэн Дориак впервые прокомментировал развод

The husband of Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson Romain Dorian broke the silence and for the first time commented on them with his wife breakup. The actress said that henceforth refuses to comment on the gap with her husband and asked the media not to provoke her with questions. Scarlett is motivated by the fact that their Roman daughter once you reach the age when you can read about the divorce of their parents. Doriana himself, it seems, is not going to be silent and decided to speak out about what happened in their marriage.

The man was discouraged by the decision of the woman and the mother of their child to file for divorce and thereby bring their family problems to the public. The only thing he and Scarlett solidarity is in the opinion that it can hurt their two-year-old daughter.
“It’s incredibly sad, especially for our daughter. Scarlett sued and made our relationship public. I asked and asked her to immediately abandon this and return to the negotiating table. We have a beautiful daughter, and we will work together to raise her, to share her joy and sorrow” — said Roman.
Recall that the information about the separation of the Roman and Scarlett appeared in late January, shortly after Johansson said in an interview that she respects the institution of marriage but does not believe monogamy is natural.
Insiders close to the star family, let slip to reporters that the reason for the breakup was her acting career. Supposedly the Roman didn’t like the tight work schedule of his wife, her frequent trips she took with them a daughter. During the next quarrel the couple decided that they can’t be together, but go away completely they can’t because of the baby rose.
The last few years, she lived in Paris, and now that her career went up again, the actress is planning to move to USA. The Doriana’s not going to accept the fact that he will have to fly across the ocean to see the daughter. It seems that the journalist does not leave attempts to agree with Scarlett, her mind is already decided.