Roma Zhukov left his wife and six children

Рома Жуков бросил жену и шестерых детей
The star of the 90s left the family.

Roman Zhukov

Photo: Press service of Zhukov

At the end of January Roma Zhukov and his wife Elena were together and seemed absolutely happy. Couple celebrated 12 years of marriage. On this occasion, they gathered their friends at the restaurant, radiating love and harmony, and photos from the anniversary sent out to the media and talked about the secrets of family happiness.

But yesterday it became clear: a novel left the family and at the moment seems to want to formalize the divorce with Elena. As it turned out, the cause of their soured relationship was the death of their child, that is, six years ago. Six-year-old Elizabeth Victoria fell off a swing and suffered severe traumatic brain injury, from which he subsequently died in hospital. The case was ruled an accident. And, it seemed that the parents adequately survive this blow. Besides, at the time of death of the girl they had five children, and Helen was pregnant with another child.

Roma Zhukov told a lot of shocking details Dmitry Shepelev in the show “actually”. It turns out that he had married Elena, not for big love, and on “aerial”!

“I was already 36 years old, thought it was time to start a family, and Lena looked like an excellent candidate for the role of mother and wife. The advent of children, always initiated by her, I just didn’t insist on the contrary. But my children love it and even after breaking up with his wife continue to communicate with them”, — he said.

By the way, experts and their eternal helper, the lie detector determined that Roma and Elena’s marriage was not each other is correct.