Roma Zhukov has another child

У Ромы Жукова появился еще один ребенок
The singer fulfilled the dream of the eldest daughter Polina.

Roman Zhukov with daughter Polina

The Roma Zhukov happened replenishment in the family. The eighth “child” was a puppy Golden Retriever named Sylvie.

“I understand, I had another baby. Our
four-month-old baby already weighs 15 pounds! —
smiles the singer. And after a few months the weight will reach 25 -30 kg”.

However, the star family dimensions Sylvia are not confused. The dog
this breed they have chosen in advance as a gift for his eldest daughter Pauline
on her twelfth birthday.

Star dad not only fulfilled the dream of girls, but staged
noisy and cheerful party on the occasion, calling for a celebration of all friends favorite
daughter. To congratulate the birthday girl with the holiday gathered more than seventy people.
Pauline entertained the guests singing together with the band “Denim
boys” and funny contests.

The holiday was fun, all the participants were happy and
I laughed, only novel is sometimes sad. “Time flies so quietly — shared with
artist. — Seems like only yesterday I rocked the cradle of Polinochka. And now she has
nine years! Time flies”.