Рома Жуков сделал ДНК-тесты детям втайне от жены Singer of the hit “I love you girls” decided to check whether all of the six children were born to him. Roma Zhukov did not tell my wife Helena that doubts the paternity of the younger child, and told her about this just for a TV show.
Рома Жуков сделал ДНК-тесты детям втайне от жены

Recently star 90 Roma Zhukov admitted that his family, which seemed perfect, in fact far from perfect. With his wife Helen, he lived for 13 years, raised six children, but now says that feelings are faded – they are a year and a half are not together, are preparing to divorce and are constantly trying to accuse each other of infidelity.

Roma Zhukov about the breakup with his wife: “we Have no relationship a year and a half”

Now the actor has dealt another blow to his wife — Zhukov said the program “actually”, he was not sure of his fatherhood. The greatest doubt is the youngest child, three year old Anthony, who, according to singer, was born not from him but from a graduate of the fourth “factory of stars” Yury Titov.

Shocked by the statements of her husband, Elena focused on what they have with Roma married marriage, she gave birth almost every year, and therefore could not even if you want to have time to change her husband. However, the artist her words had made the proper impression, after it was revealed a conflict in their family, he began to send incriminating photos, which were captured Elena.

“I was made in secret from his wife a DNA test for all children,” said Roma.
Рома Жуков сделал ДНК-тесты детям втайне от жены

Elena was amazed by this statement and could not believe that her husband is capable of that. Zhukov noted that regardless of the result, he will also love and care about children.

Wife stars of the 90s did not directly answer the question of whether she had sexual relations with other men over the past year, when the family began differences. However, experts recalled that the last time the lie detector proved her infidelity.

The Studio came and Yuri Titov, the singer confirmed that between him and Helen a very warm relationship, and his mother and sometimes even have to watch the kids Bugs.

“I’m in shock, because Anthony is a copy of the ROMs, it’s just a weird accusation. Of course, this is nonsense,” — said the musician.
Рома Жуков сделал ДНК-тесты детям втайне от жены

As it turned out, not only Helen suspected cheating spouse. The artist is also not loyalty. Presenter Dmitry Shepelev invited the woman Rum spends time in Sochi. As it turned out, Olga Illarionova was once the best friend of Elena. Zhukov, seeing a rival, stood up from his chair and pounced on her. However, Roma has only added fuel to the fire, saying that they now live together.

“With all of show business had sex, now my husband? Shame on you, get out of here,” shouted Elena.

Рома Жуков сделал ДНК-тесты детям втайне от жены

But the singer is only called the wife crazy and asked the guards to be near his new beloved. The artist did not directly answer the question of whether he loved Olga. Expert Sabine Pantus suggested that Roma are now just like spending carefree time in the company of Illarionov. Singer said that 13 years ago, married Elena just because she was pregnant. Dmitry Shepelev announced the results of all DNA tests. As it turned out, children were born from Roma, but because he can be calm in this matter.

“As promised, my apologies,” Lex said Zhukov.

The truth and Helena was unpleasant to hear such words, she felt humiliated because of doubts of the husband, in his faithfulness, and the fact that he had a DNA test without her knowledge.