Roma Beast huddled in the van

Рома Зверь ютится в фургоне The actor fled from Moscow to Portugal, where surfing and resting from civilization. Roman decided not to stay in a hotel. Comfortable hotel the leader of group “Beasts” rather caravan than delighted their fans.

      38-year-old leader of the group “Animals” went from Moscow to the seaside town of nazaré. “Greetings from Portugal! The weather for skiing, but that’s OK, we will wait”, – commented the artist, when not able to surf because of the wind and waves. However, at other times the element was more conducive to walking and active home away from home than Roma gladly shared in his Instagram.

      Apparently, Bilyk decided to completely escape from everyday work: musician radically changed their living conditions. While abroad, the artist is living in a comfortable house on wheels that has everything you need.

      “I live here. Woke up, had Breakfast, and in the ocean. Romance! Today, swallowed water, rowed more than riding,” wrote a novel in one of my social networks.

      The actor also showed followers that is inside his house. In a recent publication of the novel demonstrated how going in the morning for surfing.

      Fans wished him a pleasant stay and admitted that they would love to travel in the motorhome. “Dream on the same tour in Europe,” “the journey, nothing more”, “Without pathos”, “Cool, great solution,” “Envy,” “From childhood thought about this”, “that’s real life!” “You inspired me”, – shared fans of the leader of group “Beasts”. Some of them asked the artist, not whether he is cold, when the morning’s surfing. The novel was quick to assure them he was not cold.

      Recall that recently the novel showed fans his ability to photograph. The artist presented his first exhibition, which includes his works of different years, as well as a book published for the event. In a recent interview Bilyk admitted that mainly uses the genre of reportage photography. All the frames included in the eskpozitsiey musician, was made not on purpose – on the road vacation, in a way.

      The press service of the Novel was also informed that the proceeds received from the sale of tickets to the exhibition will be donated to the Fund “Need help”, which is headed by photographer and social activist Mitya Aleshkovsky. This organization supports various charitable initiatives throughout Russia.