Родион Нахапетов о Вере Глаголевой: «С ней ушла часть моей жизни» The first husband of the actress came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. He spoke about how he learned about the illness of ex-wife. Nahapetov admitted that much had not time to tell Faith the V. before her departure.
Родион Нахапетов о Вере Глаголевой: «С ней ушла часть моей жизни»

Rodion Nahapetov and Vera Glagoleva were married in 1974. Married couples swarmed two daughters Anna and Maria. The Director openly told about the first wife. In his memoirs, he immediately fell in love with Vera Vitalevna.

“She liked me as the character. Then I started to mold her actress, was fascinated by her new profession. But in the beginning of the relationship was not romantic feelings. Gradually shot her in the movies. Then I began to look at her differently. I already started to draw her character, behavior… It’s not love at first sight. It was like entering into another dimension. Faith has always looked up to me. She was a master of sports in shooting, and I’m in a movie. I not only shot it, I thought for her to figure out what role. Proud I did it” – shared Nahapetov.
Родион Нахапетов о Вере Глаголевой: «С ней ушла часть моей жизни»

Vera Vitalyevna and Rodion Rafailovich was considered one of the most beautiful and talented pair the Soviet cinema. The couple worked together. Took him shooting daughters, Mary and Anna from an early age starred in films. “Of course, we can say that it was a happy period”, – said the Director.

Soon, however, Rodion Rafailovich flying to America. He admitted that over the ocean, before it opened new horizons in the profession. Director left in Russia Vera Vitalevna with two children. At that time the eldest heiress Anna is 12 years old and the youngest of Maria 10. Nahapetov told that he had not thought to change Glagoleva. He met another woman, Natalia, Plantiff, an American of Russian origin. At first they talked only at work, both were married. But the feelings took up between Natalia and Rodion Rafailovich passion flashed. “This man… Natasha burst into my life. I liked her immediately, I liked her business approach to everything,” said the Director.

Родион Нахапетов о Вере Глаголевой: «С ней ушла часть моей жизни»

Vera Vitalyevna felt that the wife had another. She wrote him a letter in which he hinted that envies him and is ready to go. “If a person doesn’t appreciate every minute together… This is crack love. You doubt, do I need to pull it,” said the actress in an interview.

In 1988, Glagoleva and Nahapetov divorced. Rodion Rafailovich admitted that daughters Anna and Maria had a hard time parting parents, they considered the Pope a traitor. Vera Vitalyevna did everything that the kids forgave him, she let the girls come to visit him in America.

The Director shared that he called his ex-wife a few weeks before her death. Vera V. has not told ex-wife about cancer.

“I thought she was sick with something serious. According to some, circumstantial things… Daughter said: “mom in the hospital, mom was in the hospital. Yes, something is sick”. I remember was in June in Moscow. Faith was talking on the phone. I said to her, “something we haven’t seen for a long time. I lost a lot of weight!” And she said, “Look at me… Like I lost”. I had a feeling that a very difficult situation…” he told Nahapetov.

On the death of Faith V. the Director told eldest daughter Anna. Average, Masha, was with the actress at the last minute.

“With her went a part of my life. I didn’t think that the student will leave early teachers… I think this is unfair, it is hard for kids, for us, for Cyril. I didn’t go into details, I won’t ask. She was the center of the universe for them. She showed the will to live, its sports facilities, which never left her,” he said.