Родион Газманов рассказал о своей избраннице The son of a famous singer, who left a career in business for the sake of artistic activity, revealed who owns his heart. According to Rodion, he is so in love with music that he could not live without her. The girl who will be able to live with it will be his second half.

      Родион Газманов рассказал о своей избраннице

      In July, the son of people’s artist Oleg Gazmanov Rodion celebrated the anniversary. The musician and the participant of the fourth season of the show “the Voice” celebrated its 35th anniversary. His birthday he celebrated at home, the company Rodion made his closest people. A young man told reporters that he treated the guests with meat and homemade tasty dishes.

      The judge also told the media about how busy whether his heart. As it turned out, it is not free. But not in the sense that the judge has the girl in a steady relationship, in the other. Gazmanov admitted that he feels real feelings towards music, and any lady will have to live with it. In General, the young man would like to find a soul mate to build a family. But this, incidentally, is not the main task of Rodion.

      “My heart is busy. It is busy only with music. The girl who will be able to put up with it, can become for me the perfect mate. For me it is very important to understand that with the person I want to be together for a lifetime. I had planned a lot of things I want to achieve,” shared son, Oleg Gazmanov.
      Родион Газманов рассказал о своей избраннице

      Music, says Rodion, gives strength and makes him happy. He enjoys his daily work and absolutely do not regret that chose a career artist business. Recall that in 2003, the heir of the people’s artist graduated from the Financial University with honors and then worked for several years in various companies. But in mid-2012 Gazmanov decided to end it all and started to make first steps in the world of show business. Prior to that, according to the artist, he combined several different types of activities.

      “I am very happy that for four years continuously engaged in the music. It picks me up, pleased I’m very pleased… I left the business for show business because two gods can not serve. For several years I combined work and music. It wasn’t easy. Constant travel from place to place. Not enough time to just focus. The result has somewhat disappointed me and I decided to choose one,” said Rodion in an interview with the publication “the Source”.

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