Род Стюарт решил обновить клятвы с возлюбленной

British singer and songwriter who became famous first in The Jeff Beck Group then The Faces Rod Stewart for almost 10 years, is married to penny Lancaster. To mark this anniversary, the musician decided the ceremony, which has become almost traditional for many celebrities Rod and penny renew their vows in front of the same guests who attended the couples wedding in 2007.

“The following year we celebrate our tenth anniversary. We want to do what I did 10 years ago. we will also renew our vows in Italy for our friends. We will do this again”, said Stuart press.

“We want to start from the beginning,” said the singer, noting that his wife was “very loving and the best mom that could ever have children.” “I’m very lucky,” concluded Rod.

It should be said that Stuart is the father of many children. From the five women the musician has eight children. In particular with penny Lancaster, he begat Valles Alastair Stewart and Adena Patrick Stewart.

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