Рокко Ричи вернулся в Америку

Friendship has won! ROCO Ricci, the son of American singer Madonna and British Director guy Ritchie, has finally returned home. On Tuesday morning the young man saw in Manhattan. Rocco enjoyed a coffee with his new York friends. After that he went to see his mother. Last year this was the first visit the guy home.

Today needs to be a trial about custody between Madonna and guy. Presumably, the couple came to some kind of agreement. Last month, Madonna arrived in London, where he reconciled with his son and ex-husband. Sources reported that the singer and the Director listened to the judge, called on them to bury the hatchet and think about the interests Rocco. He fifteen-year-old son celebrities determined to live in Albion with his father, who gave him freedom. Richie Jr. has repeatedly stated that the mother’s unreasonable to treat him and strangles him with his Hyper. Let’s see what the court says.

Recall that in December last year, just before Christmas, Rocco refused to go from London to new York. To bring him home Madonna could only through court, but immediately after the feast the son went to the father and, until recently, was there.

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