Robin Wright revealed the secret of young Hollywood stars

Робин Райт раскрыла секрет молодости голливудских звезд
The actress spoke about the process that make all the celebrities.

Robin Wright


In 50 years, Robin Wright looks incredibly young, slim and energetic, so she was offered a role in superblahmaster with this exercise that will pull not all young Actresses.

“It is, of course, to sweat, to be in great shape, confessed Robin. — I turned fifty in the first weekend on the set of “Wonder woman”, where I play a warrior, her mentor Princess of the Amazons. And this was my reward, the best gift for an anniversary. I took riding lessons, martial arts, and choreography. Lifting weights, doing endless pushups, dips, squats, “hanging” on the bars — my body is not used to such intense stress, I remember, everything ached and ached, I was always in cuts and bruises. But didn’t want to show the slack.”

The actress’s amazing skin. As admitted by Wright, this is due to the procedure that makes all Hollywood stars.

“I guess we can’t say “all”, but I’m convinced — smiling Robin. I’m talking about the beauty procedure, which is called “squirt” of Botox. I personally do them twice a year. “Splash” is such a small dose that the person is not woody, not frozen. I do not think it necessary to hide such things. Generally my motto in terms of use of cosmetics and various beauty products, as well as in clothing and hairstyle: the smaller, the better. Love the minimalism and brevity. Aging is a struggle. And not for the youth, and to learn to accept the fact that there’s no denying it. Humility (doesn’t mean that we should not change what you can change) and the acceptance of the inevitable require enormous willpower workout. Insanely hard to put up with aging, especially in our time…”

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