Robin Wright almost made a scene because of a small fee

Робин Райт едва не устроила скандал из-за маленького гонорара

In the movies it often happens that most viewers love conquers not the main acting character, a hero who turns out to be in the background. In the TV series “house of cards”, which talks about political games and shows us the lives of politicians without embellishment, the sympathy of the audience enjoys Claire underwood, the wife of the odious main character Frank underwood.

The wife of an ambitious Congressman in the performance of Robin Wright pretty and lovely, she rarely husband’s intrigues, and is almost its antithesis.

Given that, what has the popularity of her character, Wright wondered why the fee her less than her male colleagues.

“I watched the statistics and found that in some period of time the character Claire underwood was even more popular than Frank,” explained Wright. – So I decided to earn some money. I said, “you Better pay me or I will make a public announcement”. And they agreed to my terms. It was a perfect example. In movies and TV shows very few situations when men and women are equal. But in “house of cards” it is.”

Earlier, at a smaller fee than the partner complained Gillian Anderson of “x-files”,


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