Robin Crawford: 5 things about the beloved Whitney Houston

Робин Кроуфорд: 5 вещей о возлюбленной Уитни Хьюстон

Робин Кроуфорд: 5 вещей о возлюбленной Уитни Хьюстон

Robin Crawford breaks the silence about a love affair she had with her best friend Whitney Houston. In his new book of memoirs “a Song for you: my life with Whitney Houston” described the hottest moments of the relationship. Let’s find out more about Robin, the day after the release of her book, 12 Nov.

Robin Crawford pushes the curtain in his romantic relationship with his close friend, the late Whitney Houston. In his new memoir “the Song for you: my life with Whitney Houston”, Robin, 58 years old, tells of the friendship pairs in adolescence, which in 80-e years, quickly became romantic. She also talks about her tumultuous relationship with ex-husband of Whitney, Bobby brown. Robin also talks about how she felt obliged to speak and defend his friendship with the music icon. Here are five of the most interesting facts about Robin the day after the release of her book.
1. Robin Crawford is a former actress from new Jersey. Being a Trustee of the Whitney for decades, Robin has continued to build its business in new Jersey. She is currently a fitness trainer.

Робин Кроуфорд: 5 вещей о возлюбленной Уитни Хьюстон

2. She met Whitney in adolescence. In the summer they met in community center development, which became best friends. Whitney was only 17 years old, and Robin was 19 years old. Soon after they first kissed. “You would think that we Whitney was tense,” writes Robin. “It was not that we were sleeping together. We could be naked. We could trust each other our secrets, our feelings and who we were. We’ve been friends. We were lovers. We were everything to each other. We fell in love. We had just been. We were each other. We were one whole: that’s what we felt”. As for their sexuality, Robin writes that “we never spoke on labels such as lesbian or gay. We were just living their lives, and I was hoping that it will last forever”.

3. Robin continued to work at camp Whitney. When the glory of Whitney began to gain momentum in the next two decades, that Robin was beside her, helping her go through this. “We wanted to be together,” writes Robin in his book. “And that meant just us.” However, Robin said in an episode of Dateline, November 9, that Whitney finished the physical part of their relationship shortly after she signed with Clive Davis in Arista.
4. She wrote a book for Whitney. Robin hopes that revealing the details of his life with the music legend, she can break the record of a woman who was really Whitney.
5. Robin is married. Since then she moved to his partner, head of talent Agency, the Lisa Hintelmann who is raising two adopted twins, a boy and a girl, the family lives in new Jersey.

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