Robert Zemeckis will tell of UFO visit

Роберт Земекис расскажет о визите НЛО

The Creator of such films as “Who stole Roger rabbit”, “Death to the person” and “Forrest Gump” tell us about the visit of aliens to Earth.

Studio Director ImageMovers together with toincompanies History filmed a story called “the Blue book”, which tells about the real research of the United States in the field of UFO phenomenon in 1947-70 years.

The role of the Executive producers took Zemeckis and Jack Repk (“Borgia”).

At what stage of creation is a film, is not specified. Other details of the project secret.

Note that Robert Zemeckis has had the experience of filming the movie about something otherworldly. In 1997 on the big screens out sci-Fi film “Contact”, where starring jodie foster and Matthew McConaughey.

Then, one of the main objectives pursued by Zemeckis — to show how various people will react to the possibility of contact with an alien civilization, whether scholars, officials,priests, or religious fanatics.

What topics will be covered in the new film is anyone’s guess.