Роберта Паттинсона заподозрили в новом романе
Robert’s fiancee was desperately jealous of the beloved to the Hollywood actress .

Роберта Паттинсона заподозрили в новом романе

Robert Pattinson and MIA Wasikowska

Photo: Legion-media

It seems that the love story of Robert
Pattinson and singer Waist Barnett, acting under the pseudonym FKA Twiggs is
to its completion. The fact that according to a rumour that comes from
set tragicomedy “Girl,” Robert, who in may of this year, turned 30, had an affair with actress MIA Wasikowska also busy
in this project. According to their colleagues, Pattinson and Wasikowska not
separated almost for a minute. In between takes they’re all the time talking quietly
somewhere on the sidelines, and in the end retire to the trailer of the actor. About
this announced the publication of Star Magazine.

Rumors about the flirtation Robert already
came up to the bride Pattinson — Waist. And, as you say, she’s just beside himself
jealousy and desperately afraid of losing a loved one. However, before filming began
The “girl” in the relationship, Barent and her fiancé was not the best way. And all
due to the fact that Talia decided to focus on his career. She is constantly
toured with concerts and Robert, tired bored alone, began to allow himself to flirt
with the other girls. So, in April of this year, Robert Pattinson took part in
the party held at a nightclub in Los Angeles, where frankly
flirted with one of the attending women.

Now, when it became clear that
events can be quite adverse for the Waist twist, she wants to visit
set in Utah, where he works now Pattinson to personally
to understand what is happening there. But her concert schedule yet, alas, she
not allows.

It seems that the wedding of Robert and
Waist, which, as everyone expected, was to be held this year, was called into question. And it is very upsetting
as fans of Pattinson and Barent. After the first time, they seemed so
a good pair of. Robert and Talia, who began Dating in July of 2014, in April
last year, announced their engagement. Their
Roman helped Pattinson to recover from the depression into which he plunged after
the terrible scandal that followed the betrayal of his previous girlfriend Kristen Stewart with Director Rupert Sanders. And
everyone thought that with his new beloved Robert will create, finally, happy
family. But it was not so easy.

Robert Pattinson and Waist Barnett