Robert Pattinson going bald

Роберт Паттинсон лысеет
The actor complained plagued his shooting.

Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson has admitted that recently his luxurious hair was
suffered severe damage. And the reason for the thinning hair of the actor began shooting in his
latest film — “Good time”.

this crime Thriller talking about
failed robbery in Queens. What
for Pattinson, he got the role in the movie one of the criminals,
who is trying to free from prison caught up with his brother.

said Robert, he was a bit unlucky:
on the set of his hair all the time had been repainted. They then were severely bleached,
then returned to the dark color. In the end, as he told Pattinson, his curls began
to fall intact strands, and he was scared completely bald. Perhaps
hair loss Robert was compounded by overwork. Complained as actor,
it was a very difficult shooting. “It was extremely tiring. Endless
watch day of filming, which then passed into night. All it took just
unimaginable amounts of energy…” said Pattinson.

the work on the project, fortunately, already ended, and Robert may
to reunite with his bride-to — Waist Barnett, acting under the pseudonym FKA Twigs. Unfortunately, Robert and Waist hold together for quite some time, and their
relationship, they claim, is facing a serious crisis. Barnett particularly upset by the fact that Robert, when the bride is
next, behaves as a free man. Recently, it
caught flirting over dinner at a restaurant with singer Katy Perry.