Robert Pattinson contracted to wash cars at this gas station

Роберт Паттинсон подрядился мыть машины на настоящей автозаправке
The actor has learned to be invisible.

Robert Pattison


Robert Pattinson
every step which monitor the paparazzi, no wonder proud of his acting
talent. Robert has managed to achieve the almost impossible:
he spent a week at this carwash and managed to stay

Car wash 31-year-old Pattinson
contracted, of course, not because it has ceased to take in a movie and he lost
source of income. Robert took this “job” to get into character for her role in the film “Good
time.” “It was a great workout — learn how to keep so,
I was not to notice. And it managed to me in full. Later, when we started filming in
metro, which was full of real, not “fake” passengers, no I do not
learned. No one tried to shoot me on my cell phone and didn’t ask for an autograph.
Frankly, it was so nice! I realized that I had learned to be
invisible!” — said the actor.

By the way, this new skill will be very useful to the actor
not only on set but also in your personal life. After all, reporters literally
tortured Robert chasing after him, especially when he, along with his Waist Barnett, acting under the pseudonym FKA
Twigs. They began Dating in 2014, and got engaged in the spring of 2015. Then Robert gave his beloved
spectacular ring with diamonds. Since then, Robert and Waist
officially considered to be the bride and groom, but the wedding is not planned.