Robert Pattinson broke off the engagement with his fiancee

Роберт Паттинсон разорвал помолвку со своей невестой
Talia Barnett has already stopped wearing a wedding ring.

Robert Pattinson Italy Barnett (FKA twigs)


Robert Pattinson took
the decision to part with Talia Barnett serving under
the pseudonym FKA twigs. Moreover, he already broke off the engagement with his beloved. This became known only now, although the event took place for some
time ago. Anyway, at fashion week in London, held last
month Waist appeared without a wedding ring, which had not broken up.

Fans of Pattinson suspected that his relationship with
Waisted anything is amiss, until a few months ago. Then Robert for the first time
publicly spoke about their engagement. But how he did it! In response
on persistent questioning of a leading radio show, the actor said: “my Waist is sort of engaged…” It sounded not
like a Declaration of the feelings of a lover about to get married.

And then Robert, and Waist
started behaving weird. Robert first caught flirting with Katy Perry in the restaurant of the Sunset Tower Hotel in West
Hollywood. And just a couple of weeks later Katie flew to Ibiza with
handsome Frenchman Brieuc
Breitenstein who labored in the modeling business. So ended
a three-year affair with Robert’s Waist.

Recall: Robert Pattinson and Barnett
started Dating in September of 2014. By the time Robert just in time
to recover after the collapse of the relationship with Kristen Stewart had betrayed him with
directed by Rupert Sanders. Offer Barnett Pattinson did a little more than six months after the start of their romance. The first couple of years they have
everything was great, and everyone was waiting for the announcement of the date of the upcoming wedding. However
then Robert and Waist began to move away from each other. Each in their careers, they
saw each other less, not that living in different homes — on different continents!
Waist almost constantly lives in London, where he works on new songs. And
Robert spends a lot of time in Hollywood, where it is actively removed.