Роберт Дауни «зарыл топор войны» с Хью Грантом
The actor decided to end a 23-year-old enmity.

Роберт Дауни «зарыл топор войны» с Хью Грантом

Robert Downey Jr.


Hugh Grant


This year began for Hugh Grant’s best. First, as has become
soon his girlfriend Anna Eberstein happy actor for the fifth
child. And secondly, Robert Downey Jr. is quite unexpected for a 57-year-old Hugh proposed to him
to complete the 23-year-old quarrel.

Downey wrote to Grant’s message: “Over the last 20 years
a lot has happened and much has changed. I respect how You
has changed and become more Mature — and as
a person and as an actor. Offer us sometime in the near future “to reverse
bread” and “bury the hatchet”. This message is very pleased Hugh. He replied in
the downy tone: “Thank you, Robert! I agree. Feel the year starts well. When in London, visit:
we can according to Your proposal “to break bread”. However, to do this, I think, will not be easy. Most likely, it
bake my five year old son. However, I believe in You, you are a strong man!”

Thus ended one of the longest
quarrels of Hollywood. It began in 1995, when both starred in “costume” movie
Restoration. “It made me
just hates and once said that he wants to see me dead!” — once said to Hugh in one of his interviews. Robert didn’t deny it, but when
he was asked why he refers to the Grant, he said not too
clear: “I just think he’s a complete bastard!”

Perhaps the reason for Downey’s hostility to Grant was
the scandal, which he got in 1995. then the police caught Hugh at that time, as
he had sex with “night butterfly” divine brown. However, Grant himself is
not proud of his behavior. Recently, he called himself for that old trick
which almost led to the breakup with Liz Hurley, whom he
was Dating at the time, “a complete idiot”.