Роберт Де Ниро жестко высказался о детях Дональда Трампа

Роберт Де Ниро жестко высказался о детях Дональда Трампа

Everyone has long known that Hollywood actor Robert De Niro is a staunch opponent of the current President of the United States Donald trump. The actor insulted and humiliated the head of state publicly in any situation. Known cases, when Robert Donald called rotten and corrupt man and also a fake character. But recently in an interview, he decided to speak about children trump.

According to De Niro, if children Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. were his own children, he did not hesitate refused them. The actor immediately apologized to his children and added that most would not want to have his own children behaved like the three children of the President. Otherwise he would be forced to renounce them once and for all.

Worth noting that Ivanka is as special White house adviser and do not receive monetary awards for their efforts. And the trump sons were active in campaigning during the presidential elections, helping his father with the campaign. At the moment, they appear as attendants at various important meetings of his father. What do children, especially not disclosed.

Robert I am sure that trump does not understand what is required to do the current President of America. According to his belief, the main goal should be to unite people together and healing the wounds, but instead, Donald sprinkle salt on people, causing them additional pain. De Niro said that now the country is at a crossroads and citizens should make every effort to the impeachment of the incumbent President all the same has taken place.

An interesting fact is that Robert De Niro has six children, who don’t support your father in a negative attitude to the President Donald. They never publicly make statements about politics, and prefer to remain silent on this topic.

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