Роберт Де Ниро получил неожиданный подарок на день рождения
The actor was having a bachelor party.

Robert De Niro


Robert De Niro fun celebrated his 74th
birthday. Despite its age it has found enough strength and
energy to its personal holiday is memorable for the friends. Moreover, invited
it is a party does not “young”, and their peers — 77-year-old al Pacino and
74-year-old Christopher Walken. Moreover, though, De Niro, and Walken officially married (legal wife of Robert grace Hightower, and Christopher Walken Georgiana), and al Pacino got a steady girlfriend Lucia Sola, no
one of the ladies on the occasion were not included. Since the event for which
the birthday boy chose its restaurant Locanda Verde,
decided to throw in a bachelor party.

Interestingly, shortly before that, De Niro
received a very pleasant news, which he took as a gift
birth. Representatives of the Studio said that for her role in the series in which he begins to appear in the near future, it will pay a magnificent fee — for 775 thousand
dollars for each episode. It is extremely much for TV! If given, only
that first season-yet-untitled project, directed by David O. Russell, is already planned
eight series, Robert has a chance to earn good money.

Besides, this show is not
the only project in the schedule De Niro in the near future. Soon he will start shooting the criminal
drama “the Irishman” by Martin Scorsese. Incidentally, this is
will already be the ninth feature film of the legendary
Director with the participation of De Niro.