Robert De Niro has publicly accused his wife of squandering

Роберт Де Ниро публично обвинил жену в расточительстве According to the artist, the wife of incorrectly conducts business. According to the environment of the pair, it is possible that all of the funds Robert De Niro spent on trying to save the coffee business life partner.

      Роберт Де Ниро публично обвинил жену в расточительстве

      In late February, the bar in Manhattan witnessed family scenes that 73-year-old Robert staged a 61-year-old wife grace Hightower. Among other things, from the lips of the actor voiced a rebuke: “I wouldn’t have starred in crappy movies, if you hadn’t wasted all my money!” The public was concerned. Are all the fees of Robert De Niro, receiving about $15 million for each appearance on the screen, do go on trying to save the coffee business wife?

      Magic beans

      Five years ago the President of Rwanda, complained grace that he send humanitarian aid instead to develop local production and provide the population with work. Grace came up with the idea to help, asked her husband to invest in coffee plantations, and soon appeared in the company Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda. Robert’s recent discontent was due to the fact that his wife lost a big customer. However, other stores and restaurants continue to buy her coffee. Since many of these restaurants belong to Robert, their support, grace will only lose in case of divorce. The wife of the actor has little experience in the business, and for rookie mistakes, of course, pays De Niro.

      “Grace ponders endlessly over the simplest decisions and changes in policy depending on who was giving her advice on latest” – recognize, friends of the couple.
      Роберт Де Ниро публично обвинил жену в расточительстве

      But what financial mistakes a small company owner’s wealth at $200 million, luxury real estate throughout new York city and a thriving restaurant Empire? If you wish Robert could buy my wife all of Rwanda without much damage to the family budget.


      Grace, most likely, was the only person in the world, missed the complaint of Robert on deaf ears. The actor earlier tried to blame it responsible for their punctures, that many years ago almost destroyed the family.

      In June 2001 during a family trip on a friendly yacht, the mighty grace was beaten soundly husband for trying to seduce the maid. Barely ashore, and Robert went to the court with a detailed account of beatings and x-ray cracked rib. He demanded to recognize the wife crazy and give him custody of my son Elliot, who suffers from autism. Grace said that due to abuse of alcohol and drugs at the Robert roof rests on one nail. The judge sent to a psychiatrist both, but neither one of the spouses to the doctor never came.

      Since then, grace and Robert reconciled, renewed vows and even had another baby – daughter Helen, with the help of a surrogate mother. Until last February about any conflict within the family no one heard. And sprashivay world phrase De Niro, apparently, were spoken in the hearts and forgotten in five minutes. It is obvious that the actor chooses roles according to the principle of “less work, more money.” But if he seriously blames grace in what direction took his once brilliant career, she is still able to knock him out of this stupid idea.