Robert De Niro commented on the divorce

Роберт Де Ниро прокомментировал развод с женой

Marriage of Robert De Niro and grace Hightower lasted 21 years. Many pleasant and unpleasant memories, a lot of acquired property, as well as lovely children. The actor first commented on the decision to break up with his wife.

“We have grace with two beautiful children. And now we are in a period of change in our relationship. It is difficult, but constructive. Grace is a wonderful mother, I respect her very much. We remain your parents and we will work together to deal with their problems,” said the actor in an official statement to the press.

Recall the marriage of Robert De Niro and grace Hightower were not as rosy as it seems. The first attempt to divorce occurred in 1999, but finally the couple was able to leave. Now the same thing happened.

De Niro for several months did not live at home but at all events there is one. The couple have two children — 20-year-old son Elliot and 7-year-old daughter Helen, born to a surrogate mother. Causes of the disorder is not yet known.

Perhaps one of the reasons was a waste of money. In 2016, the network appeared information about the extravagance of the wife of the actor. Grace Hightower said the successful businessman. The woman invested a large amount in chain stores Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda. But for all time of existence of cafes, they have not made a dime of profit.

To tolerate the extravagance of the wife in the case of non-profit De Niro is tired and broke. “I wouldn’t have to keep making disgusting movies, if you hadn’t burned through all my money,” said his wife one of the bars of new York’s borough of Manhattan.

The son of De Niro and Hightower’s Elliot suffers from autism. Robert believes that the cause of the deviation was the vaccination. “I have a child who is sick with autism, and I believe it is extremely important for parents to know all the possible causes of autism. This question should be open and freely discussed.

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