Robbie Williams will not be able to dance on the stage because of illness

Робби Уильямс не сможет танцевать на сцене из-за болезни

On 12 October called the world day against arthritis. On this day the famous singer admitted that he no longer will be able to delight the audience with their dancing.

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the joint. Arthritis a person feels pain in the joints, especially when walking. According to medical statistics, after 40 years, approximately 70% of the population suffers from arthritis of the joints of the lower extremities.

42-year-old singer Robbie Williams has admitted in an interview that he will not be able to arrange a great show with dancing due to the fact that the experts diagnosed him with arthritis.

“I was diagnosed with arthritis of the spine, so I can’t even put a foot on the ball. I have very tight hamstrings, problems with the lower leg. I dance like a fairly drunk father at a wedding. But I have to think of something else to fill the concert time,” said Robbie in an interview with the Evening Standard.

Now favorite active classes Williams – dancing and football, we’ll have to cut myself off from life.

Fans of the star literally screamed. For anybody not a secret that Robbie is a fan of bright shows and at concerts always shows a dizzying dance.

But health comes first! I hope that Williams will get better and he will continue to delight us with their songs.