Robbie Williams take the Russian wife of the son

Робби Уильямс примет русскую жену сына The English actor revealed to Andrey Malakhov some family secrets. A TV crew headed by presenter went to London to get an exclusive interview with Robbie Williams. The singer admitted that he was in awe of the people who live in Russia.
Робби Уильямс примет русскую жену сына

Leading the program “Let them talk” and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov visited London to interview the famous British musician Robbie Williams. Last year the artist released the song Party Like a Russian, which translates as “come off as Russian”. In conversation with TV presenter, the actor admitted that he was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback on their work.

Robbie said that he likes our country and people. Besides, he will be happy if his son Charlton Valentine marries a Russian.

“No, I’m not against, Russia is famous for its people, the most beautiful in the world.(…) If he can find a good Russian lady, I will rejoice and be proud of,” said the man in an interview with Malakhov.

However, until the wedding of the heir to the British singer far at the end of October boy will be three years old. The birth of a baby Robbie Williams filmed to share a joyous event with their fans around the world. His wife, actress Ayda field, supported the idea of the husband. The artist remembered that the fight lasted 12 hours, but he filmed the whole process.

“We just wanted to capture this beautiful moment,” explained Williams.

However, this act was approved not all the fans of the artist. Some felt that the birth of a child should not be made into a spectacle for the public.

The couple also has a daughter to Theodore rose, who was born in 2012, five years after my parents ‘ wedding. At the wedding, Robbie has presented to the wife a special gift – especially for her he wrote a song and performed it in front of all the guests. The actor admits that the meeting with Ajda totally changed his life – he began to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“My wife has a common passion – when you go to bed at night, turn on the TV and watch reality shows. Impossible to resist, it’s like magic! My shameful passion is a reality show,” admitted Robbie.

Andrei Malakhov told the British actor that in Russia very popular program “House-2”. Robbie Williams was impressed by the story of the presenter and suggested that he and his wife would like that show.