Robbie Williams suspect yourself of mental illness

Робби Уильямс заподозрил у себя психическое заболевание
The actor admitted that to him “something is wrong”.

Robbie Williams suspect yourself of mental illness

British singer Robbie Williams suspected the syndrome
Asperger’s, it is another name for a form of autism in which is fully preserved
intelligence. People with this diagnosis are often very talented and realizes itself in
the thing that they like. Interestingly, the diagnosis itself, the artist has set for
that suffers from memory lapses.

Also the star complained of “emptiness inside”. About it
according to The Daily Mirror. “With me something not so, — said Williams. I have a very serious
lapses in memory. Perhaps this Asperger syndrome or autism. Don’t know what
exactly — but something definitely is. In my head it’s very difficult; I have
interesting fixation, addiction, mental illness, I would say.
The situation is changing by the day. I do the same things as before, but
for some reason, today was different, and I don’t know why I find it difficult to get out
bed. So here I am”.

The singer suggests that he has serious mental
disease. The musician repeatedly complained about severe mental condition and treated
from depression. By the way, Asperger’s, or whatever he’s called
highly intelligent autism, experts say people with very high
intelligence, but emotionless, unable to empathize, to experience
feelings towards other people and “read” the emotions of the interlocutor.

Robbie also repeatedly committed acts under the influence of the senses,
also he’s crazy about his wife IDA and loves their children together: son of Charlton and
daughter of Theodore. So, as noted by the expert, if the artist is the problem
mentally, they are far from so-called autism spectrum.