Robbie Williams suffers from a rare unusual form of sleepwalking

Робби Уильямс страдает редкой необычной формой лунатизма
The singer is ready to kill for a piece of cake.

Robbie Williams with his wife


As described recently, the 43-year-old Robbie Williams, he suffers from a very rare and exotic disease, which is strongly
ruins his life. Robbie told me that at night, he not only gets up and walks around
home is not waking up, but still eat in my sleep!

“For more than a year with me is something
pretty wild. I eat at night. Of course, it happens a lot, but I
contrast to all, it does not Wake up! I get up, go to
the kitchen and RAID the fridge. In the morning I do not remember anything. The most upsetting thing is that in my dream I eat is not a cabbage or something
useful and absorb exclusively sweets, in huge quantities. So
what a day I have to pay for it.
Given the number of calories absorbed me in the night when not sleeping, to eat only salad and protein, which leads me to
a state of extreme anguish”, — said the singer.

The disease exhausted Robbie, there are still
one a negative effect. Because most of the night, the singer holds on to the legs,
first, emptying the fridge, then shelf in the kitchen, and then another, and canteen,
Williams constantly feels sleepy. And it is already starting in the negative
to affect his family life. After all, when IDA, his legal wife,
the wedding at which he played in 2010, oschastlivlivaya singer has two children, daughter, Theodora, and son Charlton, gently wakes him in the morning, he
snaps so that the hurt stops…