Robbie Williams spoke about the serious health problems

Робби Уильямс рассказал о серьезных проблемах со здоровьем

Concerts by famous British singer Robbie Williams always gather hundreds of thousands of spectators. Energy, which shares with the audience 42-year-old artist, is priceless. But as it turned out, the performances of Robbie given to him extremely difficult. And all because of health problems, which recently told the contractor.

The star of middle age is already experiencing back problems, in particular, he suffers from arthritis.

Says Sam Williams, this disease does not allow him to live a full life. for example, the game of football and even perform for him the real test.

More trouble brings Robbie the lack of calf muscles.

“I have arthritis in the back, so I can’t hit the ball. I have very tight tendons and have practically no calf muscles. I dance like a drunken dad at a wedding. But it needs something to do to fill time on the stage,“ said Williams.