Robbie Williams said that he sought the help of a plastic surgeon

Робби Уильямс рассказал, что прибегал к помощи пластического хирурга

42-year-old singer Robbie Williams has admitted that in the pursuit of youth, doing Botox injections and a number of cosmetic procedures.

Robbie Williams (Robbie Williams) honestly told me that she had resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. On the operations of the 42-year-old singer went on to prolong youth.

“I have used fillers, Botox and got plastic surgery chin. Now I can’t even move my forehead,” shared Williams.

Star dermatologist Ross Perry (Ross Perry), from the London cosmetic clinic reviewed the latest pictures Robbie Wilma and explained to the Daily Mail, from what it wanted to get rid of the singer.

“He was injected with Botox to soften forehead lines that made his face unhappy, and remove “crow’s feet” around the eyes, ‘ says the doctor. His skin is now in better condition. This may be a consequence of laser treatment, which helps to eliminate all signs of skin damage by the sun and the common signs of aging.”

Previously, Robbie Williams was also told that some time sitting on a strict diet. “In five days I lost just over three pounds. On the seventh day I woke up and found next to the bed grapes and peanut butter, though he was sure that not eating them and not brought into the bedroom. The next day I found crumbs in the bathroom, and the day after woke up at night by the refrigerator, and realized I do that every night.”