Robbie Williams neighbors declared war once again

Робби Уильямсу соседи снова объявили войну
Intending to build a summer house on stilts in the garden of his London mansion, the singer runs the risk of running into big trouble.

Robbie Williams


Restless Robbie Williams again was involved in a battle with the neighbors in their expensive (17 million pounds) mansion in London. This time the father of two sons, 4-year-old Teddy and 2-year-old of Charleston, loves his children, decided to build a huge “summer home” measuring 28 by 16 feet (approximately 8.5 m by 5 m). Moreover, this house should be on stilts: Robbie does not want during the construction to destroy the roots of trees, because the house is planned to be built directly adjacent to the old mansion garden.

But the neighbors of British singer and his wife IDA field did not appreciate such touching concern for the nature. They are furious and intend to require local officials to ban construction. The arguments of the neighbors of Williams, including his eternal enemy Jimmy page, guitarist of the famous rock band Led Zeppelin, put forward the following: the new building will overshadow their homes from light, sun and air, thereby harming not only the gardens and the growing of vegetation, but also by the neighbouring people. In addition, a modern form of “houses on stilts” will spoil the overall historical atmosphere of ancient houses in the area.

Against the stars turned against not only the owners of expensive houses, but also ordinary people. They require not to break traditions and to appreciate architectural heritage. One day, Robbie Williams has already broken all the rules, build a pool, a gym and a cinema in the basement of his five-story building. Thus, according to neighbors, he risked to bring down the structure and destroy during the “renovation” of many old trees and bushes. Who will emerge from this war the winner will be known in a month. When the local authorities will give the answer and the star, and its angry neighbors.