Робби Уильямс борется с редкой болезнью
Fans are concerned for singer Robbie Williams, when he noticed that lately his face looks a bit puffy.

Робби Уильямс борется с редкой болезнью

Many thought that the singer was addicted to cosmetic procedures. But as it turned out, it’s quite different, and the Robbie spoke about the health problems.

“It’s very strange. I sleep, get up and eat, eat, eat… I don’t understand how this happens. (…) I don’t want cabbage, I want sugar and lean on him. This is very strange, and because of this problem I have to carefully control your diet throughout the day. All the pleasure I can afford, I get during sleep,” said Williams.

Mental disorders cause a lot of inconvenience to the singer, because of the inability to control the amount of food eaten, Robbie often gaining weight.

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