Robbie Williams has told how she ended up in intensive care

Робби Уильямс рассказал, как попал в реанимацию
The singer revealed details of his illness.

Robbie Williams finally decided
to explain to his fans why he cancelled the final part of his tour Heavy Entertainment Show.

“Unfortunately, my illness forced
me to discontinue the tour. But everything was going so well: the audience has accepted me
well, my band was above all praise, and I myself wanted so much
to play in Moscow and St. Petersburg! And then I got the results of my
tests. And they were so bad that I was hospitalized immediately and
sent for treatment in the ICU…” he told Williams.

“It was awfully annoying
because I didn’t cancel tours for many years — since 1998! Now I’m on my way to
recovery. And although I’m still not quite right, the doctors have promised me that I
will recover completely. Now I have decided to make significant changes in
my way of life. I almost became a vegan, however 1 time a week, on
Sundays, I eat a huge Burger… Except. Every day I do
yoga and therapeutic exercise…” — said 43-year-old singer.

What kind of disease found in Williams,
Robbie said. However, shortly before he interrupted the tour, Robbie
complained of terrible back pains that were caused, as he supposed,
a displaced disk in the spine. Apparently, the problem with Williams
health was even more serious.