Робби Уильямс раскрыл диагноз, из-за которого отменил тур в Россию The singer feared for their own health. Robbie Williams said that he became ill at the concert in Zurich. Nevertheless, he intended to go to Russia, but doctors strongly recommend to stop training and several weeks to spend in absolute peace.
Робби Уильямс раскрыл диагноз, из-за которого отменил тур в Россию

Popular British singer Robbie Williams was supposed to visit Russia in early September this year. He had planned several concerts in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in Sochi, where he planned to become a guest at the festival “New wave”. However, shortly before the tour, his representatives said that the artist is forced to cancel the performance. The cause was a sudden indisposition of the artist. Robbie Williams has canceled a speech at the “New wave” of illness

After a couple of months, Robbie told me what happened to him in early September. As it turned out, 43-year-old actor fell ill during a concert in Zurich. According to him, he felt pain in his hand, his mouth was drooling, had a headache, and he couldn’t do a full breath. After the speech the actor flew to London to undergo a medical examination.

“I did a blood test and a few medical scans, including heart and brain. Was discovered some anomalies, including something similar to a blood clot in my brain,” said Robbie.

According to the singer, these indicators frightened, but because he decided to engage seriously in his health. He went to the ICU where he was in the care around the clock. The actor admitted that he missed his wife and children, who at that time were in the US.

Doctors strongly advised him to rest for a few weeks to be complete rest. That’s why Robbie had to abandon the concerts. He took up yoga, Pilates and meditation.

“I realized that I am already 43 and not 23, so I have to carefully take care of their body and spirit,” explained the artist.

Fans were sympathetic to the fact that you will not see your favorite artist on stage in Russia. Robbie admitted in an interview with The Sun that he originally planned to go to our country, no matter what happens.

“I saw myself as a soldier who needs to finish what he started. I had to go to Russia for the final two shows, no matter what shape I was,” recalls Robbie.