Robbie Williams has admitted why he canceled concerts in Russia

Робби Уильямс признался, почему отменил концерты в России
The singer told about her mysterious illness.

Robbie Williams


In September, Robbie Williams was supposed to give concerts in Moscow, St. Petersburg and
Sochi. However, the 43-year-old singer abruptly canceled all of their performances, referring to a
an unspecified illness, which allegedly did not allow him to come to Russia. Now
the singer finally decided to explain that
it prevented him from visiting our country.

Robbie was to be held in the framework of his world tour — The Heavy Entertainment Show Tour, which he
have made this year. Williams had
to give a lot of concerts which were attended by a total of about one million
viewers. However, as described
Williams, this tour from the very beginning has not worked. The fact that the singer is constantly
racked by almost unendurable pains in the back. And when he decided to go to the doctors,
he was told that, apparently, the result of some injury he had
shifted one of the vertebral discs. And now he will need significant
the time to recover.

“This terrible pain in my back was terribly hurt
during this tour. Displaced disc was the cause of my terrible suffering and
led to stress. Now I need to take a break to fully recover
my health. Otherwise, I will not be able to continue and complete my tour!” said
Robbie. As announced, the next appearances of the singer is scheduled for February
2018 will be held in Australia. “To continue the tour, I need to be
the best shape!” explained Williams.