Robbie Williams had another fight with Jimmy page

Робби Уильямс снова поссорился с Джимми Пэйджем

Robbie Williams and Jimmy page can’t find a common language. British singer and veteran Led Zeppelin again began to clash once in the air one radio Williams was named Jimmy “mentally ill” person and said that he’s filming everything that happens in the yard Robbie just with his chic home value of 17, 5 million pounds.

Робби Уильямс снова поссорился с Джимми Пэйджем
“Jimmy is sitting outside the house in his car with Windows down and removes everything that is happening in my yard, the work of the builders, everyone who comes to my house,” Robbie said and added that a few weeks before the builders found “sleeping Jimmy in the garden”, which allegedly had plans to watch the neighbor.

We will remind that the conflict of musicians began in 2013 after the page has started to complain about the noise from the renovation of the house Robbie in the neighbourhood. 72-year-old guitarist, even in the court appealed, but lost it in July of this year.
While Jimmy has been living at his home in West London, and Robbie still can not move into your mansion.
Williams also recall that a similar conflict happened, and his colleagues Gary Barlow, who bought the house next door from the guitarist of Queen Brian may and joked that he apologizes in advance to ed Sheeran, because fifteen years later they may have the same conflict.