Робби Уильямс не знал, как выглядит огурец

The recognition of the wife of British musician Robbie Williams, which she did the other day, shocked many admirers of his talent.

American actress Ayda field told the press that her husband – a pampered life, the man, and in a sense even the ignorant because they do not know basic things that are laid by parents in the childhood.

Field claims that Williams is so used to ready meals, he didn’t know how to look for the ingredients in his salad, so to speak, intact. In particular, if the Williams show cucumber, it in this green vegetable is not the subject recognizes.

“When I got out of the fridge vegetables, one of them called Robbie a genuine interest. “What is it?” “he asked me pointing to the cucumber. My husband is used to seeing vegetables in sliced condition,” with a laugh shared IDA.

The woman also complained that the homemaker, who in the house should be able to change a light bulb or shelf to beat, Williams is capable of nothing: “He won’t even be able to replace the bulb. Robbie became popular, as a young boy, he was only 15 years old. Many of the skills that people come up with at this age, he had not received because he was with his head submerged in the music, tour. So many things that seem normal to you, it sometimes genuinely amazed”.


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