Robbie Williams can’t sell the estate

Робби Уильямс не может продать имение

Back in 2010, British singer Robbie Williams put up for sale your elegant manor of Compton Basset in Wiltshire. For six years father of two hopes that someone will like his castle, however, the landfill garbage dump, which appeared here several years ago, ruining his quest for buyers.
Near the house of a celebrity, more like a castle, is the Church, which the Abbot and told journalists about the problems Robbie.

Робби Уильямс не может продать имение
“Robbie and further owns real estate, think Compton Bassett is still on the market. Having a private agent, because of a sale to a majority of neighbors is not known. Mr. Williams will have to try to sell the house – no one wants to buy property near the landfill. The landfill appeared here after Robbie bought a house” — said the rector.

According to sources, Williams has painstakingly repaired the estate, but even this did not attract buyers. Well, no luck Robbie with real estate. We will remind that in July of last year he had a fight with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy pagem, who lives nearby in West London. Robbie bought a house Michael Winner in the district Holland Park, a place that I love celebrity. Here are the homes of the Beckhams, Elton John, Madonna and other stars of show business.
Restructuring a house valued at 17.5 million pounds could lead to the destruction of the nearby Tower House in which he lives Jimmy page. It is an old neo-Gothic building, built in 1878, which since 1949 is a monument of history and architecture. Plans for a Grand refurbishment a new home angered Paige and he wrote an open letter to the municipal Council of Chelsea and Kensington than publicly dunked Robbie muzzle in the dirt.
The quarrel escalated into the legal realm and Williams won the case. Themis has allowed the singer to rebuild private property as he pleases. Paige was furious, but could do nothing. Now can not do anything himself and Robbie. Is triggered a boomerang effect?

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