Робби Уильямс и Take That объединяются на 25-летие группы

One of the most popular British singers, which even Elton John, due to the characteristic timbre of voice and the manner of execution was called “the Frank Sinatra of the XXI century”, became famous through their participation in the group Take That.

Despite the success of the team, Williams decided to leave, with a parting that was not the most successful for both parties. Later, the group completely disintegrated.

Now, 20 years after the last concert, Take that are going to perform together again. This will happen in 2018 – that’s when the group will celebrate its 25th anniversary since its Foundation.

It is planned that by Christmas next, 2017, Take That will release an album with their best hits, and after that, in 2018, will embark on an anniversary tour that will cover not only the city’s native UK, but also the largest cities of Europe.


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