Rob Kardashian won’t let Caitlin Jenner to her newborn daughter

Роб Кардашьян не подпускает Кэйтлин Дженнер к новорожденной дочери

Baby dream Renee, first child of Rob Kardashian and black Tea, for several days, like home. During this time to check on the baby and its happy parents have come almost all the numerous relatives of the couple, but not Caitlin Jenner’s ex – stepdad Rob, who changed the floor.

“Caitlin and Rob is not as close as when Jenner was Bruce. Especially because Caitlin is technically nothing to do with either one of Kardashians” — said the insider. Rob, who raised Bruce like a son, replacing him with the deceased father, was only one of a huge family Kardashian-Jenner, who has never reconciled with the decision of the stepfather’s sex change. This became a stumbling block in their once close relationship.
But insiders insist that the reason for the lack Caitlin’s house and Rob black is not a Kardashian, and his beloved China. Jenner so many times came to the defense of his daughter Kylie, when that hurt black that is between them now have a very strained relationship and Caitlin – unwanted person in their home.
“Of course, caitlyn wants to meet Rob, and black, to see their daughter’s dream. She sent them gifts, but so far it has not been invited into the house” — said the insider.