Rob Kardashian went off the rails after breaking up with black Tea

Роб Кардашьян слетел с катушек после расставания с Блэк Чайной

The breakup of Rob Kardashian with the mother of his child is black Tea bad impact not only on the wellbeing of the stars of the reality show, but also on his health. Insiders claim that the young man was looking for is not himself. Despite diabetes and the threat of a heart attack, Rob gave up his diet and stopped exercise.

“Rob’s life turned into chaos. He does not sit on a diet, play sports, and again began to smoke marijuana” — said the insider, and added that the recent photo of a smiling Rob, in which he is depicted with his mother Kris and daughter dream Renee doesn’t answer his inner sense of self. And even on the contrary — Kardashian is depressed and not even trying to pull myself together. Rob’s friends are afraid that with the departure of black, he lost the meaning of life. My family supports it as you can, but it is also not on contact, and leads the life of a hermit.
Recall that China had left Rob immediately after birth, dream, but after a few weeks she came back. Then the media reported that it was just a clever PR stunt couple, but their relationship didn’t last long. Sister of Rob and so have long suspected would-be daughter-in-law of infidelity, and soon she came out with an unknown man, likely to have collapsed with the Kardashian relations.