Роб Кардашьян запрещает невесте общаться с отцом её ребёнка

From the moment Kylie Jenner broke up with rapper Taiga, medicamento made clear his potential daughter-in-law black Tea: they will take her in his arms just after she interrupts all contacts with the father of her child. This also insists her fiance Rob Kardashian< /strong>.

“Rob gave black a message from her family: if she wants to be part of the Kardashian clan, she doesn’t need to socialize and to see Taiga. China itself has not yet decided whether to make it. And as she can – she brings up his son Cairo. Lately black and in fact distanced himself from Taiga. Apparently, she’s still determined to do what she is told. Now she is carrying the heir of the Kardashian family” — said the source.
Insiders also tell us that black is a great tragedy in parting with Taiga not because of the feelings between them has not gone.

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