Роб Кардашьян плохо себя чувствует

Rob Kardashian eats too much. Again. Tired to fight with excess weight star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” gained back almost all the weight that was lost six months ago. Rob’s not afraid of any danger of developing diabetes nor high blood pressure, no ultimatums pregnant bride black Tea.

Mother thirty years Rob encourages him to take up the mind and your body. Soon, the screens should get their own reality show the only son to Kris and Rob China, in the autumn, the light should appear first born Kardashian, Jr., respectively, it should look fine, but the saggy belly and shortness of breath it does not promote the love of the audience.
Diabetes Rob was diagnosed in December 2015, and since then his family ask him to diet, but he managed to pull himself together only under the care of the beloved women, and it is not long enough – the love of food conquered fear of the disease.
“Rob takes insulin and follows the doctor’s instructions, but he again went back to unhealthy eating and abandoned the sport. Recently his health deteriorated, he’s saying that to even think he was difficult,” — said the insider.

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