Роб Кардашьян и Блэк Чайна расстались

The error was a joint American TV stars Rob Kardashian and his mother’s first-born black Tea. Without having lived month under the same roof, the couple broke up.

Insiders report that the model simply took the daughter of Drim and Renee left the house of the civil husband, calling him “a fucking psycho”.
The beginning of the contention put hackers who broke into the conversation Tea with friends and advocates. First she complained about the laziness of Rob and called him “fatso”, with the second also consulted on how to correctly go from rich fiance. A few would have liked, and that Kardashian has asked his beloved to explain the reason for such plans.
On his page in the social network Rob wrote that black broke his heart and he feels really bad, knowing that really thinks about it China.
“I suffer a great deal after I saw the message black and found out what she plans. I’ve never been so hurt and it’s not just words. I introduced black into their family, treated her like a Queen, and were not even aware that I’m part of her evil plan. She took our daughter and left the house, which I specifically bought for them before Christmas. I wanted to live with her, wanted to be her family, very loved. It’s very painful,” wrote Rob.
China justified its actions by saying that Kardashian, in her view, “mentally ill.” Meanwhile, all the sisters Rob returned to his former judgment, namely the hatred of the black. They all feel sorry for a relative who was so burned, and not a drop of pity for the fate of China, especially because cybercriminals also demonstrated a correspondence with other black men, which began a few months ago.
“The whole family hates black more than before. They are all on the side of Rob and we are happy that China is no longer a part of their clan,” say the insiders.