Дадут фору: как звездные дамы за 45 блистают в бикини “StarHit” remembered celebrities who boldly demonstrate their body of admirers. Pictures of them in bathing suits cause unprecedented hype and a huge amount of compliments. Many fans take them as an example and want to have the same body.

      Famous women who are over 40 years, I watch very closely their appearance. They try to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, and the result is figures that are the envy of many young girls. Famous actress and singer, despite the fact that many of them are raising grandchildren never cease to amaze bold pictures in bathing suits. Fans of such pictures cause a stir – they do not get tired to fall asleep to their idols compliments, and many, looking at them, want to look also. “StarHit” remembered celebrities that have been able this summer to surprise the public with their toned figure in a bikini.


      Lubov Uspenskaya, 62

      The famous performer of a chanson Love Uspensky does not cease to amaze his fans. The singer gives not only new hits and brilliant performance, but delighted with their appearance. Not so long ago the assumption been on vacation in Israel, basking on the beach of the Mediterranean sea. Despite the fact that the artist of 62 years, she was able to surprise all its fans a fit body. Before subscribers in the microblog she appeared in the swimsuit and followers to consider and note the chiseled figure of the famous singer. They stressed that the assumption could give odds to many younger women.

      Love was recognized in a special love for their appearance and for the sake of constantly have the ability to do various beauty treatments, she’s even equipped one of the rooms in his house as a beauty salon. Now at any time can come of the master and with maximum comfort to provide services.

      The assumption brings only daughter Tatiana. Personal life girls is developing rapidly – not so long ago she introduced the mother with a potential son-in-law, and therefore it is not excluded that soon Love will become a grandmother.


      Alika Smekhova, 48 years

      The famous actress Alika Smekhova never ceases to amaze fans with his appearance. The mother of two sons, 16-year-old Artem and eight-year-old Makara, kept excellent shape, she never ceases to show his fans. This summer, 48-year-old actress was vacationing on the Greek island of Crete. Pictures in bikini have become a great proof to all the fans, might look like a middle-aged woman. Each picture Aliki in a swimsuit makes subscribers an unprecedented surge of interest, and the actress in his address received a lot of compliments.

      The artist does not hide that gorgeous figure worth the hard work. Alika has a power system, but does not like to use the word “diet”. Also Smekhova regularly attends cosmetic procedures to always stay in shape.


      Alena Sviridova, 53

      Well-known singer Alena Sviridova even on vacation not relaxing. The artist actively coaches, but the classes in the fresh sea air bring her pleasure. Early in the morning before workouts, Sviridov took the time to capture what she goes Jogging and exercises. Selfie in a bikini literally shocked fans. They could not fail to note that the woman is in great shape. Good choice of swimsuit flatters the chest Sviridova.

      Fans are surprised that the artist managed to keep the beautiful figure after the birth of two children. The youngest child Sviridova Gregory was born 12 years ago in a civil marriage with a male model Dmitry Miroshnichenko, who was a year older than her first son Basil. The current popular choice of pet David Vardanyan, who is 36 years old. Apparently, Alena prefers men much younger than her.

      Irina Saltykova, 50 years

      Fans of the singer Irina Saltykova do not get tired to wonder how the actress manages to keep youth and beautiful figure. They never tire of noting that with age, the performer does not change – it does not allow itself to gain the extra pounds and always carefully watching their appearance. That is why Irina did not hesitate to publish photos in a bikini. Every time fans get excited about the appearance of the stars of the 90s and are trying to ferret out her secret of youth.

      Irina Saltykova: “a Weak man I don’t need!”

      The actress admitted that her slimness she owes good genes. The singer does not comply with a strict diet, but still restrict themselves to certain products, not to gain extra pounds. Irina is a rare visitor of gyms, since, by her own admission, could not bring himself to go to training regularly. Many fans have noted that with her daughter Alice, who in the same way as mom, decided to pursue a musical career, they can be mistaken for sisters, so perfectly preserved Saltykov.

      Irina Bezrukova, 51

      51-year-old actress Irina Bezrukova do not strive to show subscribers all its delights and not put on public display the pictures in bathing suits, fans are confident that the figure of the artist can cause the envy of many. Followers assume only the natural modesty does not allow the actress to be naked in public.

      Not long ago, Irina spent a vacation with her friends in Jurmala. The celebrity had perfectly a rest on the Baltic coast she was able to release a few days from busy schedules to relax and chat with friends. In his microblog Bezrukov posted a photo where she is standing on the beach with friends in short shorts, showing off slender legs. Fans couldn’t leave this picture without his attention, and hastened to laud taut figure of a star. Irina carefully monitors their appearance – trying to eat right and exercise to preserve youth, beauty and health.

      Alena Apina, 51

      A few years ago, the singer Alena Apina participated in the project “lose Weight with StarHit”. Nutritionists and fitness coaches, as well as the artist tried to make every effort to help celebrities to lose weight and to get closer to the figure of dreams. In the end, Alena still carry out its purpose and now tries to maintain the results of resistance training and proper nutrition.

      For several years, Apina has not gained weight, therefore, can demonstrate on the beach a slim body, but also to spoil the subscribers of his microblog seductive pictures in a swimsuit. Fans get excited about how it looks. After she published the microblog in a series of hot pictures on the beach, many admitted that the example of Epinoy became for them an incentive to bring their body in shape to look just as stunning. Even next to his 15 year old daughter Xenia, who is engaged in gymnastics, Alena looks very slender, and its pumped up muscles are the envy of many women.

      Nargiz Zakirova, 45 years

      Appearing in the second season of the popular project “the Voice” Nargiz Zakirova became one of the most prominent member of the show. She impressed the judges and fans not only strong vocal talent, but also bright appearance. Shaved head, tattoos all over her body and brutal style became the hallmark of a talented singer. However, this appearance does not prevent Nargis to perform a lyrical ballad about love.

      Nargiz Zakirova: scandals, magic and men in the life of the singer

      Recently a contestant on “the Voice” opened to the public on the other hand, in the image of the fatal temptress. After a scandalous separation from her husband, the artist decided to showcase their femininity. In front of the fans, she appeared in lingerie, and complements her look waist belt. Fans could not believe their eyes and said that the mother of three children and even my grandmother (the artist grows little grandson) has maintained a beautiful figure and finally letting yourself to loosen up in front of the camera.

      Irina Agibalova, 52

      The popularity of Irina Agibalova came after participating in the controversial reality show “Dom-2”. The woman went on TV show after their daughters, Margarita and Olga. The girls managed to find happiness is to get married and have children. And Irina Alexandrovna, many have begun to call “telebasura”. However, the appearance of 52-year-old ex-member “House-2” strikes the imagination of many fans. They admire the wonderful transformation celebrity – Agibalova in a short time dropped extra pounds, and some plastic surgery has led her closer to the dream of a perfect body.

      Irina Agibalova harshly condemned for photos in underwear

      Now 52-year-old thelebanese not hesitate to publish bold pictures in the microblog, what pleases the fans and whet their detractors. A recent photo in his underwear caused quite a squabble followers in the comments. Some were considered too vulgar for a woman of her age to put their charms on display, while others on the contrary, supported Irina Alexandrovna, noting that she can be proud of – elaborate press and toned figure are the envy of even some young girls. Very Ageabove, apparently, a little worried about criticism unknown to her people.

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