Соперница Пелагеи пролила свет на предполагаемый роман с Телегиным The girl answered numerous charges. According to Karina, the that spread around the Internet, taken out of context. Apparently, married Ivan Telegin don’t see anything wrong in kissing a friend.
Соперница Пелагеи пролила свет на предполагаемый роман с Телегиным

Recently Russian national team on hockey has returned from Pyeongchang, where the Olympic games were held. For the first time in 26 years our team managed to bring the coveted “gold.”

Recently one of the athletes, husband of singer Pelageya Ivan Telegin, celebrated its 26th anniversary. Wife at the event was not present – probably, has been busy career, or education little Taisia. In any case, next to the hockey player in the triumph was enough other girls.

After the feast, the Network appeared in a controversial photo – married Telegin sealed in a kiss with Karina Lebedeva. After that, rumors about the infidelity of a hockey player. The girl caught in the midst of a scandal and is branded with the title of adulterer’s disown any relationship with Ivan. According to her, this picture was deliberately taken out of context for the sake of hype. Pelageya’s husband caught with another woman

“The only thing I can say on this whole situation, that in their family all is well! In my personal life as well! We shared a large company of friends and family congratulated Ivan on his victory. A photo taken out of context of a shared video by some people who absolutely don’t know us, in order to gossip. The time it the world, people love to discuss someone else’s life,” said Karina “StarHit”.
Соперница Пелагеи пролила свет на предполагаемый роман с Телегиным

Apparently, Lebedev and Telegin consider quite innocent kisses on the lips. Pelagia herself were limited to neutral comments about the behavior of her husband, but who knows what the reaction of his beloved wife was waiting for Ivan’s house. But the act of the girl mentor show “the Voice” did not approve, but treated her with some condescension. “For the behavior of girls of easy virtue, unfortunately, neither I nor my husband are not liable, solely they and their parents,” said the artist.

Moreover, at the reception last night at the Catherine hall of the Kremlin Pelagia and Ivan Telegin has demonstrated to others the idyll in relations. The actress revealed that sincerely admires her husband and is happy with his progress. Wednesday Telegin was a double celebration – not only has he received a state award, but also received congratulations with his birthday. 28 Feb athlete was 26 years old. On this occasion, President Vladimir Putin gave Telegino book Anatoly Tarasov. “Let them continue improving their skills,” – said the head of state.

By the way, a couple of years ago pelage was accused that she stole Telegin. At the time a whirlwind romance with singer ex-fiancee Ivan Eugene Nour was expecting a child and even preparing for the wedding with the athlete. Apparently, the man wasn’t planning to start a family with a dancer, and therefore plunged into a relationship with the singer. But when the light appeared a small mark, the hockey player didn’t abandon him. At least mom and baby get money from an athlete to cover expenses. The groom Pelagia is not involved in the life of the son