Rival Lazarus at the Eurovision song contest will be native Russian

Соперницей Лазарева на Евровидении станет уроженка России

Singer Lydia Isak was born in St. Petersburg, but at prestigious music competition will represent Moldova.

And, according to music fans, the girl is almost doomed to success, because the song of Falling Stars (“stars”) was written for her by the same authors, who a year ago wrote a smash hit for Polina Gagarina. Recall that our singer took at last year’s Eurovision song contest second place, losing only to the Swedish singer Måns Zelmerlow.

Yes, Lydia and Isaac are seriously determined to win: almost breaking the national qualifying round, she immediately promised to return to Moldova in the Eurovision song contest. And not without reason, because the song 23-year-old Moldovan singer even sung heroes of the popular cartoon “Alvin and the chipmunks”.

And a half weeks before Eurovision in the Internet appeared the video for the song Lydia. In the interpretation of famous Moldovan music video Corina Caireac and Igor Levinsky, Starfall turned out beautiful story with a starry sky outside the window and the astronaut as the hero of girlish dreams.

With her hit single Lydia already managed to visit three of the five most important pre-party of the Eurovision song contest in Amsterdam, tel Aviv and Moscow. And in Russia, Lidia performs her song at the birthday of Sergey Lazarev.

But on may 10, Lydia and Sergey will meet again as rivals in the official semi-final of the Eurovision song contest. In this Moldavian singer got the third seed number, and our Sergey Lazarev – ninth.

Who are the candidates more likely to overcome the final mark, now it is difficult to predict. Although the bookies have tipped the success of Lazarus, but the chances of Isak estimated very modestly: rates on its victory are accepted with factor 251. For comparison: the coefficient on the victory of Sergey Lazarev is only 3 (for those who are in these games are not plays, just to clarify: the bookies the principle is simple: the less the better).

As for Russian-born Moldovan singer, here the story is very romantic. Lydia was born in St. Petersburg, but lived in the Northern capital for long – only two months! The fact is that in St. Petersburg he studied her parents: dad mastered the military profession, mother finished technical College.

“In St. Petersburg they met. As I told dad first saw mom at the metro station when she was waiting for the train. He drew attention to the red boots, in which she was wrapped. And decided to sit in the same train, and he liked the girl. Since they were introduced, well after my birth the family returned to Moldova”, – said Lydia with journalists.

Next time in Petersburg Lydia was already a grown 21-year-old girl. She came back home to participate in the vocal competition Superstar Baltic and immediately won the Grand Prix. And still have time to stroll around the centre of the city and even find the hospital in which was born – Institute for gynecology. Ott.

By the way, Lydia began singing to do with 13 years in Moldova, for which a special thank you need to tell her French teacher. The school teacher, drawing attention to the unusual low voice timbre of a fifth-grader, gave her instructions to learn the songs of Edith Piaf. In fact, from that moment began the creative career of future participating.

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